From event planning and design to management and execution,
Candlepower Creative will help your small business, brand, event or project reach your audience.

Design &

Lighting design and event design…we will bring creative solutions to deliver an extraordinary production to your audience or event.

Online & Digital Branding

Perfect for small business, Candlepower can help your digital brand without breaking the bank.

Event Planning & Coordination

We will help you throw a party that your clients and guests will never forget by taking care of all the details – so you don’t have to.

The term Candlepower was established in the 1890s and originally referred to a candle’s luminous intensity in a certain direction. In short, it is a measurement of a light’s intensity. Our objective at Candlepower Creative is to ignite creativity and deliver an extraordinary experience to your clients, visitors or customers no matter the size of your company or project.

The greatest ideas start small.

Every idea starts with one though that grows into something brilliant. Our intense focus to nurture creativity ensures no idea goes unnoticed.

The work is your audience. 

We will get to know your clients, audience and brand better than anyone else. The secret…we listen first. Our intense focus on your audience drives our passion to deliver superb results.

One project, 2 million bricks.

Details are regal. Some of the greatest pyramids are built using over 2 million bricks. One singular project can have many details and we work to make the right decision and persist until the project is complete and magnificent.